SEA search engine marketing – Google Adwords advertising with an all-round view

Search Engine Advertising (SEA), as part of a holistic concept, complements your online marketing measures in the area of ​​ search engine optimization ( SEO) effectively. It noticeably increases the visibility of the website. In particular, it offers the chance to target your customers by entering certain keywords or a combination of words with paid ads. Placement at the top of the search engine results pages encourages you to click the landing pages with the articles or services you offer. With our SEA measures, the probability of a click on your company’s pages increases significantly when the right search terms are selected. As an agency specializing in search engine marketing, we plan successful campaigns with Google Adwords and Bing Ads that quickly pay off through higher sales.

Search engine marketing – how can Adwords be used economically?

An advertising concept tailored exactly to your target group with targeted strategies for relevant keywords delivers optimal results in professional online consulting.

Search engine marketing is perfect for quickly making brands, products and services known to the broadest possible audience. Search engine advertising is becoming increasingly important because of its short lead times and quick effectiveness. In addition, paid advertisements with Adwords from Google or Bing Ads are dropped only pay costs when users click on your ad. It is therefore important to only show you links with offers that you are actually interested in at the time. You determine the click prices (costs per click) and the total monthly budget yourself for your campaigns. However, the placement of the ad depends on its height and the quality or relevance of the offer from the point of view of the search engine. One of the essential aspects of SEA is therefore to constantly improve the importance and reputation of your website. The market-leading program Google Adwords, for example, enables a comprehensive analysis of user behavior. We use it together with other first-class tools to avoid unnecessary wastage and to use your advertising budget efficiently.

Conversions, landing pages and search terms – what is important for successful online marketing for search engines?

Constant monitoring and optimization of your Adwords campaigns as well as creative ideas for the landing pages give you clear advantages over the competition.

Since the advertising on search engines consists of text overlays, one of the most important criteria is the selection of the ideal keywords and the psychological approach to advertising. The CTR (Click-Through-Rate), i.e. the click rate, refers to the number of clicks on the link, divided by the impressions times 100. It shows you the traction your ads are developing. The decisive factor, however, is the conversion rate. It tells you how many visitors to the website are buying, placing an order or signing up for a newsletter. Literally translated, the term conversion means conversion and turns the prospect into a customer. Your landing pages, the target pages of the advertising message, take on the task of finally convincing potential clients. Their quality and creative design therefore ultimately determine the success of your search engine marketing.

SEA – why is OnMaTe’s online consulting worthwhile for you?

The know-how from 20 years of practical experience in online advertising ensures sustainable advertising success with limited financial outlay.

In order for Google Adwords to display your advertising in the most prominent place possible at low prices, careful planning is required. A finely tuned campaign therefore includes OnMaTe

  • the comprehensive analysis and optimization of existing or setting up new accounts for search engine advertising,
  • The creation of Google Adwords ads or other ads that are attractive to visitors,
  • optimizing your landing pages in order to convince the search engine and customers in the long term,
  • regular evaluations and permanent readjustment for maximum results as well as
  • full control over all costs incurred.

With our many years of experience and modern tools such as Google Analytics, we control your search engine marketing exactly according to the respective requirements. In addition to the right target group, this includes choosing the best times, regional preferences and the devices preferred by your users. In addition, we extend the campaigns to the entire Google advertising network if necessary.
With our expertise that has grown over decades, we are happy to advise you in detail about the enormous opportunities that contemporary SEA opens up for your company.

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