Dennis Monschauer

Online Marketing Specialist and Consulting

My journey in the realm of online marketing began in 2001, a true pioneer era of the internet, when I joined as a marketing intern for the website Imagine a time when the digital universe was still wild and uncharted, a playground where creative minds like mine experimented with innovative tricks and techniques.

It was an era when meta-hacks and keyword stuffing not only worked but created real magic.

Within a few days, I managed to cement every combination of the key term “Jobs” with Germany’s largest cities into the top positions. Imagine this: every search query for jobs in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, or other metropolises inevitably led to us. Each click, each visitor was a triumph of our strategic and creative finesse.

This was not just any job – it was an adventure, a digital treasure hunt where with every click, with every optimized line of code, I got closer to the grand gold of the SEO world. And the thrill of these challenges was intoxicating – that was real FUN in the world of online marketing!

And this is how I remain passionate about my job to this day, and so grateful for it!